Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Getting Married

Since being engaged for less than 2 weeks I have realised that you must be a millionaire in order to pay for a wedding. We went to two of our four prospective venues today and they were both above our budget. About double what we wanted to spend, even on a Sunday. What makes it worse is that the second place was gorgeous and I'm in love with it.

£60 a head for food without VAT, staff costing, renting the plates and cutlery... What the bloody hell??? And then you can have a free bar on top, which isn't happening becaue atm just to eat and be inside this place to get married (without having the registrar) is £13,000.

At this rate we will be having our wedding wearing jeans and the entertainment will be me humming to myself on the stage whilst waving my arms about.

Argh and pooo

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