Monday, 29 August 2011

Getting Married

I have been thinking mostly about getting married this week. Planning a wedding is fast becoming one of the most fun and most infuriating processes of my adult life. However, I have been becoming increasingly excited at the thought of becoming a 'Mrs' and creating a family with someone who has stuck through all the good and not so good times with me,

Yesterday I pondered the fact that we are not like we used to be, in the honeymoon phase where you're thinking about when you'll see each other next and your friends try to calm your nerves. Now we have a deeper form of love whereby being perfect is no longer a stress, as we know each other inside out and backwards. I kind of miss that initial excitement but I'm looking forward to the next stage of our lives together.

We have been thinking and talking more and more about having children. It's funny because we've decorated our little room with pale rose (pink) blinds and heart patterned bed clothes for my little sister. This would be very helpful for the future, if we had girls (which given both of our families history is more likely than boys). We've been talking about my family disappearing (my mum has revealled that she will be moving back to be closer and will be working from home 2 days a week) and how amazing it will be to form our own family.

Exciting times!