Saturday, 28 May 2011

Flowers and engagement ring

My engagement ring has returned to me! And by 'returned' I mean we drove over an hour to Southampton West Quay just to be handled it over in 5 seconds and driving over to get my eyebrows done in Emsworth. Total waste of a morning but it's soooo pretty.

Other than that I've been considering flowers for the wedding. I'd like to go for pale pink and white or just white. My mum got married in the summer and had Atum Lilies so I can't do that. I'm quite into roses / peonies and gerbera but we'll see. Dan is a fan of roses too but also likes agapanthus because its blue. Not the blue I have in mind for our theme though, a bit too purple.

Feel a bit overwhelmed atm and all the magazines say to delegate jobs where you can but I can't see what I would give to who :S.

Dan thinks all dresses / bouquets / table decorations look the same. This is annoying! It kind of means the decision process is all my own. Makes me feel like I'm marrying myself! Hope his speech makes up for it lol.

The rest of the weekend will involve slobbing because I have a cold whilst also seeing my mum and cleaning the house.

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