Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Day 45 A letter to yourself a year ago

Hello me from a year ago.

Hope you are enjoying the new house and working hard on the dissertation of doom. I think you have 3 other assignments over Christmas and placement to prepare for but you'll get through it. Even when you hate placement, don't give up. Yes, you probably should have chosen another course but this one will be over soon.

Say hello to Dan too. Make the most of talking to Grandad on the phone and go see him even if it makes you immensley poor and you have no time. The excuses are crappy.

Be good.
Me x

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Day 44 Something that fascinates you and why


I am most fascinated by other people, especially the man over the road. He has lots of different cars at any one time but never seems to leave the house. I think he might be part of the Bognor Regis mafia (if there is such a thing). If he doesn't go to work, how can he have a swimming pool and extensions being build all over his house at all times? He has 3 or 4 annoying children. They can't use a scooter properly they just smack the wheels against the pavement of hours on end... He is also MASSIVE.  Scary.

Facebook also facilitates my curiosity of other people but sometimes it's frustrating.

Be back soon.

Friday, 24 December 2010

Day 43 A picture of your favourite place in the world

I haven't taken a picture, so I'm cheating, but my favourite place in the world has to be my house. It has all of our stuff in it :D Ok, now I can keep going on this thing.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Bullet pointed news

2011 is looking up already!

Its nearly Christmas too and I have lots of lovely people to see.  Can't wait!!

Went to Nando's yesterday and BK too. Oooops.

I smell like lime jelly babies thanks to Lush :D

Uhm. My Dad is probably going to be moving to North Carolina next year. Bittersweet because we won't see him / Evie very much but it will be nice to holiday in the US.

Yeah that's it for now.

Monday, 13 December 2010

A Post Dedicated to the Best Grandad There Ever Was

Grandad's funeral was beautiful. We started off at their house, which was weird because I kept expecting him to come down the stairs or sneak a cheeky biscuit. Cheeky because he was extremely diabetic and knew that my Grandma had alzeimer's and would never linger on telling him off.

The flowers started arriving. Ours was huge! It spelt Grandad and along with my Uncle and Dad's flowers it was in his favourite colours, yellow and blue. They were beautiful.

Grandad then arrived about 1.15 and our cars along with him. I was fine in the house because in some way it felt comforting to me. It had been the only constant in our ever changing lives, moving from place to place so it felt like a really big hug. As soon as I stepped outside and saw Grandad's coffin I burst into tears (then slid my way to our car since it was really snowy / icy). Uncle Gary later told us that the dog who usually went crazy, over the road for my Grandad was in character and nearly knocked the blinds down which he would have found hilarious. 

Once we got there, there was a sea of faces peering at us. At any other time we might have felt glamourous but I was so happy to see that all of those people loved my Grandad. My Dad and Uncle Gary helped carry Grandad into the crematorium. It was very sad but being over 6 foot and the other coffin bearers being about my height it was a bit of a struggle to keep Grandad level.

We followed on with at least 30 members of my Grandad's choir singing us in with "Music" (was my first love). It was truly beautiful and apt for the occassion. I won't lie. I was a mess. I could only sing the last hymn because my eyes were filled up with tears for the rest of the ceremony.

Dad and Uncle G decided they were too upset to speak a few words about my Grandad but the priest did an awesome job of capturing his spirit. He was well respected and popular judging from how many people turned up. He used to say that he'd be able to fit everyone who would come to his funeral in a phone box when in actuality we had diffculty finding everyone a seat.

Grandad loved singing and was a natural baratone. His favourite to sing us was Sinatra and he loved a right old karaoke. He loved his family especially his kids and grandchildren. He'd rave about us to anyone who would listen. He liked to do crosswords in the Sunday paper and wind up my Grandma constantly. Towards the end he loved a good kip on the sofa and hiding the remote from us so he could still listen to his programmes. He used to end every telephone conversation with a kissing and cuddling sound "eeeeeeeee, mmmmmwah" and start with "have you been crying for your Grandad?"

The choir sang us out as well as singing the saddest hymms ever i.e. "O Abide With Me" if you're curious. 

Then we went to the last pub I ever went to with my Grandad (he fell asleep there too) for nibbles. 

It was a perfect way of saying goodbye. After it all I felt exhausted and had a good sleep. 

We heard this song on the way back home and I said "that was for Grandad".


(only a link because it's official and they have taken away the embed function)

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


I know I said I was going to take a break but I am bored in the Uni Canteen waiting for work to ringeth me back.

I am so ill :( I am all ready for work, blue polo shirt, tights under the trousers and all, but my chest hurts when I walk and I'm having to drink peppermint tea constantly to avoid being sick (again). I don't want to pass this onto anyone especially the children. I've had my flu jab so I'm pretty sure it's just a bad cold I've had for the past 4 days but it's still horrendous. I still need to find cover for my funeral and travelling days as well as today. I hope work will understand that I am icky and need to stay away. Or give me the contact sheet so I can get cracking.

My sister is staying over tonight like old times. It made me sad when she said it was nice to be in a house with heating and food but thats what you get when you fanny off on your ownsome! But yes, she will be heated and fed this evening woo. I do worry about her sometimes.  

Trying to block out sad things. It won't be real til tomorrow / thursday when reality kicks in. Will be nice to see Evieboo and my Daddy regardless (and my favourite Uncle Gary). Just trying to concentrate on being positive or I think everything might just unravel in front of me. Seriously hope 2011 is my year to be happy. The last year has been utter crap!!!

Next year I want to:
  • Have a more full time job
  • Go on holiday somewhere I've never been
  • Celebrate and go out more often
  • See my family more
  • Sort out the house
Here's hoping!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Taking a break from Blogging

I'm going to take a break, at least until after my Grandad's funeral. I will finish the 50 challenges!!